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best beer fridges

Top 6 Best Beer Fridges on The Market Reviewed (Updated 2019)

If you are looking for a great fridge that you can use to keep your beer cold and help you out as a home brewer, you likely have limitless options available to you.

As passionate home brewers we are very interested in finding out about all of the latest items that can help lessen other brewers that we know to have greater success with their home brewing hobby.

If you are looking for a quality beer fridge in the year 2018, we have six of the best available for you here.

Kingsbottle Beverage Cooler$$$
Kalamera 24” beverage refrigerator$$
New Air 126 Can beverage fridge$
Phiestina 106 Can beverage fridge$
Danby 120 Can beverage center$
Edgestar KC3000$$


Kingsbottle Beverage Cooler

The Kingsbottle is a beverage cooler that’s made in an up write stainless steel version.

This version holds around 160 cans making it perfect for holding around for batches of homebrew at a time. Temperature control can move from 0° up to 8°C.

Operating temperatures can be quite flexible as well with successful temperatures maintained and up to 38° heat.

This is a quality beverage cooler with the ample space that you might need for a few rounds of homebrewing.

Weight : 198.4 pounds

Dimensions : 27 x 23.5 x 55.7 inches

Amazon reviews :

Average price : $1650

See current price and details on Amazon : Kingsbottle Beverage Cooler



Kalamera 24” beverage refrigerator

The Kalamera 24 inch beverage refrigerator can hold up to 175 cans and deliver a freestanding touch control.

This is an elegant fridge that you can use for homebrewing and it has a beautiful and transparent glass front.

The blue LED lighting adds an extra touch of elegant design and did not add any extra heat inside the fridge either.

With an advanced compressor available, it is possible to get access to a temporary memory function restoring the temperature after power is lost with the unit.

The compressor inside this unit is also extremely quiet and the removable wire racks ensure that it’s easy to customize the inside for use with bottles, cans and any type of folder that you might have.

These generally tend to be expensive beverage fridges because of the cooling technology that is built into them.

It produces extremely predictable results with the ability to maintain temperatures between 38 to 50°F.

Weight : 104 pounds

Dimensions : 22.4 x 23.4 x 33 inches

Amazon reviews :

Average price : $599

See current price and details on Amazon : Kalamera 24” beverage refrigerator




New Air 126 Can beverage fridge

The New Air AB 1200 is a fridge that delivers temperatures down to 34°F with room for up to 126 cans.

The Home brew fridge is the perfect addition to any bar set up and features a spacious 3.4 ft.³ of space inside.

The removable chrome racks let you customize the entire system for bottles, cans or even larger beverage containers should you choose to store homebrew in something else.

This is designed as a precision tool and it’s moderately priced ensuring that it can be well suited inside almost any home.

This beverage fridge even comes with a locking key at the bottom of the door to help deliver improvements to security as well.

This is one of the only homebrew fridges on the market at this price point that can include such style and security hand-in-hand.

Weight : 62.9 pounds

Dimensions : 19 x 18.2 x 33.1 inches

Amazon reviews :

Average price : $270

See current price and details on Amazon : New Air 126 Can beverage fridge



Phiestina 106 Can beverage fridge

The Phiestina PH is a great way to you can free up extra space in your fridge and allow for room for up to 106 cans in a glass door beverage cooler.

This fridge is traditionally much quieter than other types of beverage coolers and it can fit in a variety of spaces.

hermostat adjustments can go from 38 all the way to 50° and the six removable storage shelves can allow for easy storage of bottles or even cans on a sideways storage style.

The blue LED light offers a unique design that can also deliver improved energy savings at night and a cool touch for decors.

This elegant stainless steel cooler looks perfect in almost any type of dorm room, in a bar setting or for homebrewing as well.

At just 210 kW to run yearly it’s also one of the most efficient beverage fridges that you can purchase right now at its price point and size.

Serious homebrewer’s however may want to look at a fridge that offers them the chance to store larger bottles.

The sideways rack style design can also lead to some extensive sediment for some heavier homebrew varieties.

Weight : 72.8 pounds

Dimensions : 22.8 x 15.6 x 33.1 inches

Amazon reviews :

Average price : $299

See current price and details on Amazon : Phiestina 106 Can beverage fridge



Danby 120 Can beverage center

The danby 120 can beverage center is a portable solution that can fit almost any home.

With a full 3.3 ft.³ capacity, this could be the perfect beverage fridge that you can add to your home.

Internal LED blue lighting as well as an energy-efficient design ensures that this is a professional grade beverage fridge.

Temperature control goes as low as 6°C meaning a cool drink every time.

The elegant tempered glass door and the stainless steel trim really creates a beautiful look for a beverage container.

At a reasonable 68 pounds the fridge can also be carried around and installed in a variety of places quite easily.

The trim design as well as the easy to assemble design makes this a simple beverage fridge that can make sure that you can have the perfect support item for your home brewing.

Weight : 68.9 pounds

Dimensions : 19.8 x 17.9 x 33.7 inches

Amazon reviews :

Average price : $290

See current price and details on Amazon : Danby 120 Can beverage center



Edgestar KC3000

The Edgestart KC 3000 is a full-sized keg refrigerator that also has a digital display of temperature control.

The device can hold up to two smaller sized kegs or one full size keg of beer.

If you find yourself regularly kegging beer in six barrel kegs, slim quarter or half barrel kegs this fridge offers quick support with a built-in tap system.

Looking at the keg inside is extremely easy and included with the retail box are all of the instructions including the tap and components for a deep chill.

Temperature range of 0 to 10°C is available on every beer poured out of this keg.

The easy temperature control and simple tap system makes this the perfect keg for simple draft beer in your home.

The only drawback to one of these fridges is that it can’t offer much support if you plan on filling it with cans.

It’s widely inefficient for any other type of homebrewing beyond using kegs.

Weight : 79.4 pounds

Dimensions : 33 1/2″ H x 23 5/8″ W x 23 3/8″ D

Amazon reviews :

Average price : $599

See current price and details on Amazon : Edgestar KC3000




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