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Coopers Beer Kit Review, Is This The Kit For You?

If you have heard of major brewing kits before it’s likely that you have come across the idea of the Coopers brewing kit. In most cases these are simple kits that can produce repeatable results for newer brewers.

What Coopers beer kits focus on is the idea of keeping things extremely simple. They deliver high-quality materials as well as a nicely packed plastic fermenter, bottles, a bottler, a spoon, a hydrometer, taps, lid for fermenters, a dry erase log, PET caps and bottle, an instructional DVD as well as the full beer kit package for yeast, concentrate and carbonation drops.

There is no prepackaged title or the use of a wort cooler with one of these kits as in some ways this is almost like a brewing kit from concentrate. Rather than having to boil together a number of different ingredients, you basically just need to add warm tap water into the concentrate and let it liquefy in the fermentation bucket.


Coopers Beer Kit’s brewing process

To begin the process of a Coopers beer kit, all you need to do is start unpacking some of the ingredients and work at warming up some tap water with the instructions delivered on the concentrate packet. Adding the concentrate to hot water in the fermentation bucket alongside a brew enhancer which is fermentation sugars will deliver the starting point of this beer. Mixing these items together with 5 gallons of water in the bucket will start up the brewing process. Generally the final temperature the product should be for fermentation is around 70°F. As soon as the thermometer reads this temperature, you just need to throw the collar on top of the bucket and it will work just like a traditional airlock on a carboy.

Regular monitoring of the beer in its fermentation bucket with the Krausen collar on it will help to make sure that it’s fermenting well. After two weeks the beer will likely be ready to bottle. Usually you can tell when the bucket stops producing some of the air bubbles. Waiting exactly 14 days is usually the best course of action.

After the full 14 day fermentation, you are ready to bottle. Taking a few of the carbonation drops and adding them into the bottle of each beer before using the racking cane to fill up the bottle will deliver a carbonation just as priming sugar would do with traditional fermentation finishing. As soon as all of the beer is bottled in one of these kits, you just let it sit around two weeks to 2 1/2 weeks until you start to see the clarity change.

After a total of four weeks with one of these kits you will likely have a beer that is completely ready for drinking and a good quality. The kit produces a high quality beer and the taste of some of the varieties is actually somewhat comparable to what you would get out of brand names like Michelob, Corona and more. There are many varieties that Coopers produces for trying out the recipes (Australian Pale Ale, Mexican Beer, Real Ale, Dark Ale, …) over and over again and refill kits are quite inexpensive.


Is the Coopers Beer Kit right for me?

In some ways this is one of the easiest ways that you can produce beer at home. If your end goal is just to produce a cheaper beer in your home in one of the quickest ways possible, this could be the best kit for you. From your second batch, it really becomes an inexpensive beer.

If you truly want to learn the process for making craft beer and you want to have some control over the overall flavor of your beer, you may want to consider going with a more complicated craft beer kit. This is a fairly quick and easy way to produce beer but you will be bound to the recipes that Coopers puts out. In a way this is almost like making beer from concentrate rather than actually going through all the steps required to traditionally brew.

Some of the materials that are provided in this kit however can be a great start to getting started with homebrewing at home. The high-quality fermentation bucket, the bottles and the piping can all be a huge asset when the time comes for you to experiment using something other than a quick brewing kit.

The cool thing is that you can add the other equipment piece-by-piece and still use the Coopers equipment as a base, and just add on to it.

If you are truly interested in getting one of the fastest methods for making beer at home, the Coopers brewing kit is likely exactly what you’re looking for. It produces beer that is comparable to many of the top brands in the process for making beer could not be simpler with this system.

Amazon reviews :

Average price : $94-118

See current price and details on Amazon : Coopers Beer Kits


In conclusion

The Pros :

  • Very easy to make beer
  • Quality material (it can be re-used also to make more advanced beers)
  • Quickest way to prepare the wort (because you just have to add water to concentrate)
  • Produce good quality beer

The Cons :

  • The beer produced is a bit basic
  • Doesn’t really teach how to make craft beer




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